Monday, October 6, 2008

Road Trip - opening up the envelope

Today - I clamped the AeroCap down back on the truck after gluing the two pieces of Pink foam on the left side, and set out to do a bigger shakeout test in the form of a longer road trip than I have made with it to date.

I had some things to take care of 175 Km away - in Bracebride, Ontario, so I set out on that trip to do a couple of tests - time & distance endurance, and speed & handling, as well as getting a sample of fuel consumption.

So - I left with a fresh fill on the gas tank, and reset the trip meter and scangage as a new tank fill, and headed off from Keele & Wilson, along the 401 & up the 400 to Highway 11 and into Bracebridge. I returned later, for a toal of 351.1 Km on the tank, and was going to refuel the tank - but on the radio I heard prices will go down 5 cents a litre tonight - so decided to refill tomorrow. But - using the scangage - I got these figures - 10.1 litre per 100 km., 3.6 hours driving - divided int the two basic legs, and a couple of stops in town, average speed 100 kmh, and max speed of 123 kmh (must have been passing a truck with somebody wanting to pass me, as I sped up a couple of times from the cruise control setting of 110 kmh, to allow cars to go by).

The general things I noticed on the trip as a whole - was the feeling of a quieter ride, than without the AeroCap mounted. The cap is secured to the box at thsi time - with 2" C-Clamps and 2" Squeeze Clamps, gripping the inside of the metal plats glued into the foam of the inside of the AeroCap, and the under side of the Bed Rail Flange (the outside edge face of the inside flange). there are currently no vertical clamping points but I hope to add them soon. the Cap did not wiggle or jiggle and squeak, but leaving Bracebridge, one street pothole did shake loose one clamp. Not bad for the trip as a whole!

Before I left - I made up some stickers on label stock (Avery) and stuck them on the back, and left & right sides - with this blog web address on, for a bit of advertising! They Stayed stuck on through the whole trip!

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