Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally - Sharp Corners Rounded!

AeroCap Corners: Before - sharp, after - round
Well, Yesterday, I finally got some time and worked on the AeroCap again - after it just riding around getting bored on the back of the truck all winter!

Among other things, a few weekends back, we got hit with some good sized hail that was about a nickel or so size around, and it really took a beating on the Foam of the Cap, and the sun, winter, and weather had taken it's toll on it as well, creating a dusty, dead skin I needed to run the shaper or 'cheese grater' tool over and clean it all up. After that I worked on shaping up the sides a bit to even out the bit of an offset in the fit, and take out some of the side curve so it matched the cab's curves or lack thereof, better.

Then, with the foam all cleaned up, I decided to start the rounding of the arch curved sides along the left and right top side edge, and also the edge above the tail gate, and bring them together, rounding it all out at the rear corners!

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