Friday, September 11, 2009

AeroCap Passes Border Inspection!

The Most interesting thing happened on my way to Detroit to attend an International Training event for a new Business I am beginning in Telecommunications.

Maybe it was the Date, September 11th, that had the Customs and Border Guards on the Detroit side of the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel entrance on edge. Maybe it was the unusual look of the 'Incongnito' AeroCap Project on my 2008 Dodge Dakota Pickup that caused the Border Guard to be a bit suspicious!

In any event of crossing the Border from Ontario, Canada, into the U.S.A. previously - the Border Guards had asked me to open the Tailgate so they could inspect inside, but this time I was asked to turn off my truck and hand the keys over to the Customs Officer, and stay in the vehicle while he inspected the contents of the pickup box under the AeroCap.

After Opening the Tailgate, he banged and thumped the AeroCap. I guess he wanted to see if it would reveal or release some illicit cargo!

After that, he closed the tailgate of the pickup and returned the keys to me, stepped inside his booth, made some notes in his system, and returned our documents (Passports - yes even Canadians need them now to enter the States, as well as returning Americans), and sent us on out way.

AeroCap at Customs - Passed (Again!)

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