Tuesday, September 15, 2009

VW Shows 189mpg L1 diesel/electric hybrid at Frankfurt

15-9-2009: The Frankfurt Motor Show marks the debut of the Volkswagen L1 Concept – a diesel-electric hybrid vehicle constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre weighing just 380 kg and capable of returning 189 mpg on the combined cycle while emitting just 39 g/km of CO2.

The L1 can seat two occupants in tandem. They enter through a side-hinging, electrically operated canopy to maximise the aerodynamic efficiency of the L1 Concept. The result is a remarkable co-efficient of drag figure of just 0.195.

Not only is the body extremely aerodynamic but it’s also very light and strong. The safety cell, constructed from carbon fibre reinforced plastic, weighs just 124 kg. At 3,813 mm in length, the L1 Concept is comparable to the Fox yet at just 1,143 mm in height it’s as low as a Lamborghini Murcielago. Its width, at just 1,200 mm, is narrower than any conventional car on sale today

The driving environment shares more in common with an aircraft than a car. The adjustable front seat is thin and constructed from carbon while the rear passenger sits in a fixed seat built into the monocoque. Continue reading at the Original Post

This is an excellent example of combining aerodynamic efficiency with energy efficient drive trains to yield incredible total gains. In the overall plan for the 2008 Dodge Dakota, beyond the AeroCap there are plans for other more interesting aerodynamic additions, improvements, and more. There are also plans for hybridising it with an Electric torque assist system, designed specifically for front-engine, rear-drive vehicles with Drive-shafts. Some of the experience with my electricfly will serve to help me in my plans for the energy storage system of the Hybridizing elements.

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