Monday, May 17, 2010

Aerocap Gets (to) the Captical!

This Past Saturday, I drove the Dodge Dakota with the Aerocap on it up to Ottawa, and ... I towed the Electricfly the whole way!

Nearly 1,000 Kms for the trip with the Electricfly in tow - and only one casualty - the Magnetic Trailer Lights were blown off somewhere between Odessa, Ontario, at my Gas Stop, and The Ottawa Science Center - where I was taking the Electricfly up to EV EXPO 2010! (Anyone know how to keep the Magnetic base Trailer Lights attached? Or - is there some speed limit not listed on the package?)

The Tow Bar that is for the car - is not really designed for towing with a bumper ball - which is all I have on the truck at this point, since it is still a lease! On tighter corners - there is a bit of touching and chipping of the paint on the bumper at the drop down.

For pictures of the EVent - I will be posting them on my electricfly blog.

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