Sunday, May 30, 2010

Towing to the Distillery!

This weekend - I had the Electricfly 'In Tow' behind the Aerocap to downtown Toronto (East Side) to the Eco Wheels Show in the Distillery District!

It was there as a reference Vehicle for the presentation of the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, Along with our Tent, and Banners, as provided by our President - Howard Hutt.

We were positioned by the main entrance gate, and I parked my Aerocap Dakota in the back parking lot.

Over the Course of the two days - over 90 people stoped and asked various question about the vehicle, and took some information home with them!

Honestly speaking - many people might not have been there for the show - as the Eco Wheels Show was held in an active entertainment area, and there were even a couple Weddings there on the Saturday! Also - restaurants and bakeries were popular venues in the district! As Such - we did not have a total focused autdience comeing through the show, so I think we did OK!

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