Monday, December 27, 2010

The Dodge Goes Home! Time for the Electricfly!

On Tuesday, December 22, 2010, at 6 P.M. - the Sample Vehicle for my Aerocap, being a leased vehicle, was returned home to the Dealer, and the final payment was made to complete the exit on the Lease!

Unfortunately - that means the Aerocap Project - will be on hold, but one option is to consider placing the existing Aerocap on a Donor Vehicle owned by someone else and work the project with another person (Yet to be determined)!

Living in an Apartment arrangement - has never been the best working arrangement, and in fact - makes most handy projects anything but handy, with the need to never leave a project in work at the end of the day, and no place to work on it out of the sun, wind, and rain, since you have all seen - my parking lot working zone as I progressed on the Aerocap!

The Good thing about this - is now I can focus more on the things needed to do with my 'Electricfly' Electric Firefly or EV (Electric Vehicle) project, and maybe I can use some of the experience from the Aerocap project on the 'electricfly' for aerodynamic cleanup, in the form of wheel covers or skirts, belly pans, nose and tail work on the hatchback all to clean up the apparent drag! Also - the electricfly blog - NoGas96V - will be able to be updated with activity a bit more often, depending on avaialbel time, weather, and energy to work on it - which hopefully will be more soon, due to the constant interest in the car!

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