Monday, July 12, 2010

Aerocap Gets Naked!

Well, at least the truck was driven without it's Aerocap on it, as I was going to be taking it in to the dealer get some work done on it, and for a few other reasons, the Aerocap came off!

I have not put it back on yet, and I can see the difference in web traffic, since the tailgate has the website address, and without the cap, there is nothing to get peoples attention, and the name 'aerocaps' in the domain name doesn't get anough traction without the cap on!

I did another fill the Tank, drive to Bracebridge and Back, and top it off, Getting a receipt both times, and writing down the ODO and Trip Numbers of both for reference, but I don't have the numbers in front of me just now, but it will be my first trip over this route without the Aerocap for some time!

Also - in Early July, I bought a Kia Soul, so now I have one parking place but Three Vehicles!!! The Dakota, the Sould, and the Electricfly! [ ] So, it is time to think - should I hold the Truck, and Continue on the Aerocap and other aero mods, or set that aside, and focus on the Electric Vehicles?!

[ODO = Odometer]

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