Thursday, August 2, 2012

AeroCaps Project On Hold - but ideas still in mind!

While the Project itself is sitting on the back burner for now - the idea of Vehicle Aero-Dynamic performance improvements is still active.

The Concepts for the Aero Cap included Wheel Skirts, Belly Skins, Intake Air Flow Control, and additional shapes. It also involves ideas that can be applied to Cars and Hatchbacks.

While I am busy organizing EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show, and working on My Electricfly, I also have other activities involved with Energy and Communications I am working on with my wife, and August Should be productive for those things as well!

Anyone interested in Reducing the unknowns and stabilizing Their Energy Costs for Home or Small Business,  or saving money while trying a new service as a bonus, contact me via the contact information at EV Fest 2012!

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