Monday, February 4, 2013

Aerodynamic Projects, besides mine!

I just added My own blog List in the left column, and will also say - Come check out Lily's Watercolor Paintings, and Electric Avenue for my next event!

In other thoughts, for those who have not heard of them - there is the very excellent site for people doing and reporting on projects of an Aerodynamic Modification nature: EcoModder.

They are currently listing these projects on their home page:
Streamlining the Civic (2005 Civic EX coupe)
David's 2001 Civic EV (80-100 mile range; 65+ MPH; 8 second 0-60)
CRX HF reverse trike project
Project: The Anal Probe
Aero RV (custom boat tail for '95 Ford E-350 Class C motorhome)
Project Land Yacht (BMW 5-series EV conversion) 
Tall tire test (taller gearing advantage offset by wider, heavier wheels/tires?)
AirFlow BulletTruck Project (aerodynamic, modified Class 8 transport doubles MPG)* Nice!
Lean burn Honda Civic sedan: 93 Civic d15z1 swap into LX 4 door (VLX)
Aerodynamic streamline template - online tool (view streamlined extension on any car)
CarBEN EV5 Full Sized Prototype Construction - 5 Seat Electric Car From Scratch
Echo-Troll Modding Thread (2005 Toyota Echo)
and so many more - plus this one -
Project - Extended Pop-Top Aerodynamic Camper Shell ('99 Tacoma)
 - Closer than the others to relevance to my project for the AeroCaps!

For full coverage - start right at their home page - EcoModder. That way you won't miss their updates!

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