Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who is looking for this Aero Cap information?

Since I set up this blog, People coming to this blog - more times are refered here from the posts and stories in, - actualy 3 of the top 10 referrers are from there, beat only from traffic coming from my aerocaps websites - +

I just discovered a Dodge Dakota Forum - (from the ads on this site) and had a peek there -! Maybe I should put a few notes in there for reference, and to inquire as to if there is any interest in such a project as this, maybe post some links to the ecomodder projects with such trucks, etc.

The Top Keywords used to find this blog (outside of a direct entry of: are - aerocap, aero mod, truck aerocap, aero cap, geo metro aero mods, aero cap truck, aeromod, 2008 dodge dakota mods, and finally - aerodynamic mods! Not all these links found my site or this blog at the first page every time, but they eventually lead here!

United States is the highest source of traffic to the blog, about 8X as much as from Canada, which is even beat by traffic to it from Russia! There is also traffic here from Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Brazil, France, and even Israel!

From a basic glance at these stats, this tells me that these are the top countries with interest in this subject matter that have made it do this blog! Could also be an indication of people in general in the same countries with an interest in the general subject of improving vehicle aerodynamics!

If you follow any of the links in those I provided in the Keywords paragraph above - you will have seen there are many activities in this area of interest!

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