Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 1 Litre Car!

On June 12 - 13, 2010, I attended the Newmarket Windfall Ecology Festival, and towed up my electricfly there to represent the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada.

It was quite an interesting show, and I learned a few things about Fleet Vehicle licencing versus personal licensing: More Options!

The Key point of this posting comes to this: My Saturday trip to the show - I towed the electricfly up via Highway 401 - 400, and exited Highway #9 - Davis Drive East, continuing to Eagle Street, and on to the Fairy Lake Park where the Show was held, and where I disconnected and positioned th car for the weekend. I drove home via Mulock and Highway 404 - 410. The Average for the day was at 11.0 Litres per 100 Km!

Sunday - I went up the same was as Saturday,k but returned with the car in tow back the same route, and my daily fuel consumption average was at 10.5 Litres/100 Km!

The average between the two days then as at 10.75 L/100 Km, just under a litre above the Vehicle Rating of 9.8 L/100 Km Highway!

This while maintaining a basic steady speed of 100 KPH, and while towing the electricfly for a total of 150 KMs! Consider that the Electricfly weighs in at 2,000 lbs, and - as a Gas Model - even with the 1.0 Litre, 3-cylinder engine, was rated at 4.5 L/100 Km.!

So the combination of my Dodge Dakota with the Aerocap, and the electricfly in tow - used some 3.5 Litres of fuel less, per 100 Kms., than the two vehicles would have used as gas powered - driving seperately to the show!!

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